ClarityAGENCY is built to find, deploy and manage temporary staff for your trust.

It’s available on a master vendor or neutral vendor basis – giving you choice over how you control your supply chain.

Master vendor: we’re the primary recruiter, and we’ll remove the burden

A master vendor model offers you simplicity and reliability. We’ll be your primary recruiter, fulfilling vacancies as they appear. And in the event that we can’t fill a position, we’ll approach an audited and pre-approved list of secondary recruiters.

Ultimately, this solution takes away the burden of recruitment. Your one point of contact is us, and we’ll manage the supply chain. Then you can focus on what really matters: patient care.

Neutral vendor: we’ll manage a wide network of approved suppliers

Under this model, we’ll carefully build an Approved Suppliers List (ASL) – and any vacancies will be offered to this list without preference. For trusts facing especially challenging recruitment demands, this solution can help to ensure vacancies are always fulfilled.

Importantly, in spite of the involvement of a wide variety of suppliers, we are still your one point of contact. All negotiation and administration is our responsibility – which typically offers significant time and cost savings.

Direct Engagement: a little idea that saves you big money

Direct Engagement allows you to engage staff directly, reducing the VAT applicable on salaries. It’s a smart, simple feature of our managed services that saves trusts thousands.

While it’s not a standalone product and must be incorporated as part of an agency agreement, it can offer VAT and efficiency savings of up to 30%. It’s simple, fully automated and transparent – and completely integrated with all our software.

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