ClarityAGENCY provides agency management solutions to effectively resource and deploy temporary staff; this can be on either a neutral vendor or master vendor arrangement. We are able to provide vendor management, with full control of the Approved Suppliers List (ASL) remaining with trusts. But we’re also happy to be a trust’s one point of contact for the entire recruitment process. In short, our service can be tailored to provide varying levels of support.

The benefits of ClarityAGENCY

  • Robust compliance controls
  • Automated processes increase bank usage and reduced agency usage
  • Process automation and controls release headcount to focus on clinical care
  • Improved supply chain performance management
  • Further agency spend reduction with accurate invoicing, framework rates and discounts enforced
  • Management information giving real-time visibility of agency usage, identification of high spend areas and substantive key skills gaps

For more information on our self-funding vendor management solutions and how we help you regain control of your temporary staffing supply chain, call 08450 063 752.

Master vendor model

Using many suppliers can sometimes disrupt the effectiveness of your operation, causing confusion as you juggle multiple invoices and varying charge rates. A master vendor would act as your primary temporary staffing contact point, managing all recruitment activity, including secondary suppliers. Any requirements that cannot be filled would be automatically distributed to audited secondary agencies. We can help you manage this process using our ClarityAGENCY technology.

The benefits

With a master vendor agreement, you will have just one point of contact for the recruitment process. Your agency supply chain and performance will be managed entirely by us. Ultimately, we will take the burden of managing agencies away from you, leaving you free to focus on what really matters; patient care.

Neutral vendor model

Under this model, through a managed services technology, jobs are cascaded out to the agencies on a Approved Suppliers List (ASL). These agencies have equal opportunities to fill the roles or can be tiered depending on your preference. Often, one supplier cannot fill all requirements and a neutral vendor arrangement helps ensure timely supply.

The benefits

Our neutral vendor solution offers the best of both worlds by providing customers with the breadth of supplier base they need, whilst at the same time removing the burden of managing multiple suppliers and commercial agreements. You’ll have a single contract with Clarity for the provision of all recruitment services. Once supplier lists are agreed, we’ll take full responsibility for negotiating all commercial and contractual agreements with those suppliers.

Direct engagement

While supply of agency staff to an NHS trust is typically subject to VAT, employees’ salaries are not. Therefore, if you engage directly with workers, VAT is only applicable to the agency commission. Direct engagement allows you to appoint temporary workers, tax efficiently.

The benefits

  • Direct engagement functionality forms only one element of the Clarity solution. It is not a standalone solution
  • Importantly, Clarity manages all temporary workers, direct engagement and non direct engagement, ensuring participation is a choice for all parties (the NHS body, agency and the worker)
  • The system is fully integrated with our vendor management and staff bank modules. One system for all temporary workers makes it easier for candidates to participate in the scheme
  • Fully automated and transparent, whilst ensuring HMRC requirements are met
  • VAT and efficiency savings of up to 30%

ClarityAGENCY screenshots