Savvy trusts throughout the UK are choosing a simpler, faster and more effective way to manage their in-house bank staff. ClaritySTAFFBANK software instantly fills inevitable gaps in a roster with a compliant, on demand workforce – reducing reliance on locum staff, helping you achieve greater cost and service level efficiencies.

What makes ClaritySTAFFBANK different?

The ClaritySTAFFBANK module is the first of its kind, with nothing like it currently in the marketplace. Highlights for your Trust include:

  • Collaboration

Our technology has been built with collaboration in mind, whether that’s with a neighbouring NHS trust or healthcare organisation; or across a wider STP (Sustainability and Transformation Plan) region.

  • Fast vacancy publishing

Whether you need a vacancy filled in advance or ad hoc – you need a quick and easy way of publishing it. Our technology allows you to post single or bulk shifts on one screen and with just one click.

  • Robust compliance and communication with ESR (Electronic Staff Records)

Data is key to the successful integration of any technology solution. With ClaritySTAFFBANK, Bank staff records are updated in real-time ensuring the new Junior Doctors Contract and Working Time Directives are monitored correctly and compliance is up to date.

  • Auto-matching

Auto-matching marries suitably qualified and available staff into vacant shifts. These criteria are pre-populated by the candidate, eliminating an unnecessary level of administration and ensuring the right shifts are offered to the right people.

  • Real-time Management Information reporting

Experience management insights like never before. Our Management Information reports utilise the latest software to enable customisation of reports on-demand.

  • Streamlined payroll

ClaritySTAFFBANK offers a complete end to end solution. Starting with self registration, it ends with effective reporting and streamlined payroll solutions, and everything in between.

Additional benefits to the staff include:

  • Self management

Administration costs time and money. That’s why we’ve developed a product that reduces the reliance on manual input.

ClaritySTAFFBANK users can self-register and self-fill shifts. With preferred candidates you can choose who you would like to fill a shift at publication – giving staff first refusal and the ability to self-fill directly into a shift.

  • Communication and accessibility

Confirm shifts with automated communication. Staff will receive notifications of shift vacancy / confirmation via email or SMS based on their preference; and from there, they can respond on any device with internet access, such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

  • Update availability online

Candidate availability is paramount to the success of any staff bank solution. By making this process as intuitive as possible, you’ll enjoy fewer gaps in rotas and greater efficiency savings.

Implementation and support

Successful implementation of health IT across the NHS requires thorough training and sustained engagement of front-line users of the technology.

Implementation includes:

  • Experienced team of transformation and change programme managers
  • Meetings with Finance Directors to discuss how Management Information will facilitate transparent auditing
  • Training of centralised bank management and hiring managers
  • Access to online training manuals and testing via LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Comprehensive user guides tailored to your needs

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