NHS Trusts are under continued pressure to reduce their agency spend and move more staff on to an in-house bank.

ClaritySTAFFBANK not only facilitates this but offers a more efficient and flexible alternative to rigid traditional models, thanks to a range of unique features.

More control for candidates. More time for you.

ClaritySTAFFBANK offers streamlined payroll, allows candidates to self-register and self-select shifts, and can SMS workers the second vacancies become available. That means less manual input, more time for you – and more shifts fulfilled.

One screen. One click. Multiple shifts.

Our technology allows you to post multiple shifts on one screen, in just one click. And if vacancies are published faster, they’re filled faster.

Common-sense innovation.

Auto-matching technology ensures suitably qualified and available candidates are allocated to vacant shifts. Unnecessary administration is removed, and time and money is saved. Simple.

Built to collaborate.

We’ve ensured ClaritySTAFFBANK can collaborate with other technology and trusts in your region. That means that whatever STP-related changes are planned, you can manage the impact on your workforce more easily.

Data when and how you need it.

Our compliance-focused technology ensures staff records are updated in real-time and fully customisable management reports are easily available. This allows you to keep in check with Working Time Directives, and plan for PLICS-approved reporting.

All backed by human expertise.

ClaritySTAFFBANK is supported by your own, dedicated on-site team of transformation and change managers. Their help is ongoing, providing training at every level and troubleshooting assistance.

This allows the technology to be implemented swiftly and smoothly.

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